Assisting Early Childhood Educators to incorporate the EYLF
Assisting Early Childhood Educators to incorporate the EYLF
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The Early Years Learning Framework V2.0

We have been very busy here at Curriculum Kids since the release of the EYLF V2.0

We are taking our time to explore the document, discuss, put into practice and reflect as we gain an understanding of what it means to us. As we do this, we will be updating all our titles to reflect the EYLF V2.0. We are excited by many of the changes and look forward to delivering updated products for you throughout the year ready for 2024 as the new V2 comes into play.

 Hard copies of the original titles will be discounted and available. Remember that these will still have value and can be used as is throughout 2023. If you purchase one of these hard copies in 2023, we will be more than happy to send you a download of the update once it becomes available.

 As the new products become available, we will add them under the EYLF V2.0 tab. We are currently reviewing our sustainability vision moving forward and are yet to decide if we will offer hard copies or keep it to downloads only, your feedback on this would be much appreciated! Of course, we will continue to print our titles that are required as TAFE textbooks.

The Early Years Learning Framework

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