Assisting Early Childhood Educators to incorporate the EYLF
Assisting Early Childhood Educators to incorporate the EYLF
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Our Team

Samantha Kyretses
Managing Director / Author

I have been in the Early Childhood sector since 1999.  I began working part time at a centre while I was studying my Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). My passion for the industry grew, and I then began working full time while continually studying my Certificate 3 to Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services. As I have grown in my career I have taken on director and leadership roles while specialising in educating children from birth to three years.  My studies in Psychology along with many other professional development sessions have given me a great insight into children and their development. While linking this knowledge with the Australian National Framework I have been able to provide high quality programs and behaviour management.

Liana Caplan

I joined the Early Childhood sector in 2004 and have educated children from ages six weeks to five years.  Whilst working full time in the sector I completed my Certificate 3 and Diploma in Children’s Services. As my passion is teaching children aged three to five years, I became a qualified Early Childhood Teacher in 2012 by obtaining my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, graduating with honours. During this time I wrote a thesis based on the challenges Educators faced when implementing the National Quality Framework into their programs and practices. The results from this research sparked a  thought provoking discussion between Samantha and I, which led to the creation of Curriculum Kids.