Assisting Early Childhood Educators to incorporate the EYLF
Assisting Early Childhood Educators to incorporate the EYLF
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Natural Experiences Reflecting The EYLF V2.0
Natural Experiences Reflecting The EYLF V2.0
Natural Experiences Reflecting The EYLF V2.0
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Natural Experiences Reflecting The EYLF V2.0

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This title has been updated to Reflect The EYLF V2.0

Nature is the wonder of the physical world; it is everything that was not created by mankind. Educators should encourage the children to explore and discover for themselves the magnificence of nature by making sure they have many opportunities to play with loose natural objects and resources. The more positive contact the children have with nature, the further their respect and knowledge on how to care for it will grow. This book provides Educators with different and unique ways of incorporating natural resources into any indoor or outdoor learning environment.

The 25 experiences in the book have been linked with possibilities to the five EYLF Learning Outcomes. Educators should remember that each time an experience is implemented the children may change their reactions, actions and involvement in the experience. Therefore, creating a new learning journey and in turn the possibilities of different learning outcomes.

More features of this book include:

  • Suggested resources
  • Description of how the experience could be provided
  • Ideas for extensions and modifications
  • Potential questions for exploration and reflection
  • Photographs and visual aids


ISBN: 978-0-9925865-5-3
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: March 2024 (EYLF V2.0)
Country Of Origin: Australia
Size: A4
Weight: 310g
Pages: 56

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