About The Authors

Samantha Kyretses and Liana Caplan are qualified Early Childhood Teachers, with a combined thirty years of experience in the industry. The duo complements each other as Samantha specialises in educating children birth to three whereas Liana’s expertise is with children aged three to five years. The authors have an existing reputable company in the early childhood sector called Curriculum Kids, which was founded in 2009. At present they have authored many books and template products that are based on the National Quality Framework.

Recent research confirms that the first five years in a child’s life is crucial for development of the brain and that children learn through play. Samantha and Liana are firm advocates for this and wanted to share their passion and knowledge with parents of children under the age of five. They have used their expertise to show families how they can entertain and simultaneously educate their child at home to develop and further crucial skills and milestones. The authors also wanted to convey that with a bit of creativity, parents can save their hard earned money by utilising common household items when providing their children with activities.

In 2015, the duo formed their sub business Playtime At Home and designed, photographed and authored their book series. There are three age specified books in the series (0-18 months, 18 months- 3 years and 3- 5 years) and each contains 40 fun and educational activities that have been handpicked and tested by the authors. They have used their knowledge to perfect each activity and adapted them to incorporate common household items. Each book is an easy to read, visually appealing guide to play based learning. You are informed of the possible learning outcomes that your child can gain from each activity and how you can support this. There are modifications given for each activity to suit your child’s likes, dislikes, interests and the resources you have on hand.